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Hi everyone!

Inktober made me pick up traditional art again, which I am very happy about! <3
The original pieces I did so far are now on sale in my webshop:


There are also very limited copies of my Locked Heart (2nd edition) artbook.
Take a look if you are interested and thank you for your support! :love:
Hey guys!

Just giving you a heads-up that I'm most active on Instagram and Twitter these days. I'm posting Inktober drawings there and I soon plan to sell the originals. Follow me there if you wanna stay tuned as that's where I will announce more info. :) Thanks for your support as always! :heart:…
Hey guys! Happy spring! :aww:

Just dropping by to let you know I'm (back) on Twitter. Feel free to follow me on the link below:

Thank you for your support and love, as always! :blowkiss:
Guys, I made a Ko-fi account!
It's a donation site, giving you the option to donate money to artists and content creators that you like, at the same price as a coffee. All support is very appreciated! :heart:
And as always: thank you all for following my work! :aww:

Click below:
Buy Me a Coffee at
After 3 years I finally recorded a new process video! :D Enjoy.

Big thank you to :iconsuperkb: and Anonymous for the dA subscription!! :hug::blowkiss:

See you guys next year and thank you for your continued support, as always!! :aww:
Last offer for this year!

Use code "1YVOML" to get 20% off of orders over 10 USD at my INPRNT shop. Valid for 1 week, between December 20th ~ 27th.

Happy Holidays, everyone! :holly:

Hello guys!

Just a quick note to let you know: I'm finally on Facebook. ;)

You can follow me here:

UPDATE 29/7/2017: there is now 1 base price for each category. Art style can be chosen freely.

Please make sure you have read and understood my Terms and Conditions before contacting me!

Below prices apply only for personal commissions. For commercial work, please contact me via email for details.


HEADSHOT / PORTRAIT (simple background, max. 1 character) - 135 USD

Black Widow by luleiya Loki by luleiya April O'Neil by luleiya pink virgin by luleiya


WAIST-UP / HALF-BODY (simple background, max. 1 character) - 215 USD base price

Base price may be bumped up 5-15% in case of complicated character designs, accessories, wings or pets.
Price is decided on an individual level.

Example - simple design:

  Hera Syndulla by luleiya Shiori by luleiya Aiko by luleiya

Example - complicated design:

Eternelle by luleiya Casselia by luleiya Aidan by luleiya LIGHT - Fai D. Flourite by luleiya Zaimas by luleiya


These are the only types
I am currently offering. No option for full-body, multi-characters, black-and-white, nor chibi.



WAITLIST (closed)

Please send a note or email if you want to be added. People on the waitlist will be contacted via preferred method (dA note or email – pls specify) when slots reopen. 1 slot = 1 picture. If you plan to order several pictures, let me know so I can mark it on the list. Once contacted, you have 3 days to reply – otherwise I will consider your slot cancelled. You can request to be put on (as well as removed from) the waitlist at any given time until further notice - there is no commitment from either side at this stage. The list works on a first-come-first-served basis.
:iconmadhatterkyoko::iconbrakcartman: -email :iconsomaruiz::iconlunahilaryamayanight: Melanie Manzana x2 (email) :iconkenzeryuu::iconshiningsiria::iconshiningsiria::iconshiningsiria::iconshiningsiria::iconshiningsiria::iconuber-neko::iconteaerine::iconteaerine::iconkatnikki::iconrabbitminnow::iconcatgirldstr11::iconpantysnatcher::iconlyraciilee::iconlyraciilee: -email :iconminnisu::iconminnisu::iconyoonsi::iconyoonsi::iconlaserail:

UPDATE: Added some details regarding the workflow (in bold).

Please note that these are for digital commissions. I'm not doing traditional art anymore.



  • Payment through Paypal only (transfer fee is included in the price)
  • Currency: USD
  • Payment must be received before I start working
  • Payment must be received within 5 business days after I give you a slot


  • Step 1: Sketch - you can request changes to the drawing (up to 2 edits, NOT touching the main pose. For example: placement of hands or expression can be altered but the full pose not)
  • Step 2: Color plan / Rough colors - you can request changes to the base colors (the sketch cannot be touched at this point)
  • Step 3: Rendering and final image - no changes are possible at this stage


  • Style: manga or semi-realism
  • Fanart of characters from popular culture (anime/manga, western comics in general, etc.)
  • Your OCs
  • Real people from photo reference – though the person will by stylized to a certain extent to fit my style
  • Tasteful nudity from the waist-up is OK for either gender


  • Furries
  • Mecha
  • Any characters that are offensive in any way (overly sexualized, hentai etc.)
  • Old people


  • Reference images are required. If you need me to work from description alone, a +10% fee is applied on top of the base price
  • In case of very complicated character designs, price may also raise by 10-20%. If this is the case, I will let you know in advance.


  • If you decide to cancel BEFORE I start working on your request
  • If I cannot provide/finish the artwork for any reason

I can only provide a refund if any of the above conditions are met. No refunds in any other cases.


  • Artwork will be finished within 1-2 months after payment
  • If you need me to meet a certain deadline, let me know in advance and I’ll let you know whether I can work with those conditions or not

  • Digital illustration (there is no physical copy)
  • Full resolution digital image in A4 size at 300 dpi
  • Output: high-quality JPEG (unless you request a different format)


  • These commissions are for PERSONAL USE only. If you’re looking to hire me for commercial work, please drop me an email to discuss the details
  • I reserve the rights over the final artwork (meaning: I can post them online to my galleries and use for publicity)
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission request without justification
  • I may ask for your permission to sell prints - you have the right to decline in any case
  • You have the right to use the final digital image for personal use (i.e. print it for yourself, etc.)
  • You MAY NOT resell the image to third parties (i.e. make prints or merchandise from my artwork for sale, or resell the original digital image for money)

Any further questions, let me know!

Hello guys!

Just a heads-up that I kicked off my Instagram account 2 days ago, so you can find me there now. :aww:…

In other news, I'm going to open up for commissions very shortly. Please keep an eye on this journal, I'll post the details/prices soon. ;)

Have a great day, everyone!
Hi Everyone! It's been a while.

First of all let me thank you belatedly for the wonderful birthday wishes back in February. You are the best. :blowkiss:

Winter has hit me with a dryspell in drawing for personal reasons, which is why I haven't been around much. But now I'm finally working on a couple of things so you'll see some new stuff in my gallery soon, I promise.

My artbook (and other books) has sold out. Thank you all for the huge support and making this possible! :heart:

For now I'm back with a HUGE update in my Society6 printshop. I've uploaded over a dozen illustrations from the past couple of years. They're now available as prints in different sizes, as well as all kinds of merchandise (phone case, tote bag, mug, pillow, clock, pouch, etc...). Feel free to look around!

Prints @ Society6

All the following images in my gallery have been made available as prints (plus one from my Tumblr):

Serene Heart by luleiya Wizard by luleiya Temptation by luleiya The Devil's Bride by luleiya Pool Mermaid by luleiya Aquamarine by luleiya Forget-me-not by luleiya Hakka no Togame by luleiya Elsa by luleiya .: MUSE :. by luleiya .: Orihime in Wonderland :. by luleiya ECHO.SOLARIS - doujin cover by luleiya .: return to wonderland :. by luleiya .: H A L L O W E E N :. by luleiya

If there is anything else you'd like me to make available on my printshop, drop me a message with the specific picture and I'll consider it. :)

As always, thank you so much for your continued love and support! See you soon! :heart:
Hi everyone! :heart:

Just a heads-up that I've opened a printshop @ Society6 so if you were interested in buying some of my art as individual prints outside of dA, this is where it's available now. I will be adding more art in the future, so stay tuned (or follow). :aww:

Thanks for all your support, as always! :blowkiss:
Hi there! :blowkiss:

Thank you to everyone who left me kind birthday wishes on the 15th of February! I also got some lovely giftart, you can check them out on my Tumblr. Birthday was well spent with family and friends. I had the chance to see Cirque du Soléil for the 3rd time as they were touring in my city again, this time with the Quidam show. It was an amazing experience and I already look forward to what they will bring here next time (I wish it was Varekai!). I also went to see the Phantom of the Opera musical in the theater for the first time ever, and I'm still under its spell...! Very strong, magical performance - the music is on constant loop on my playlist. :heart:

I got a great opportunity to change jobs at the beginning of February: I'm now a graphic designer, which is very exciting and I look forward to this experience!

I'm going to Japan Expo @ Paris this year and share a table with :iconinma::iconkotori-chan::iconero-pinku::iconlarienne::iconkenneos:
Merchandise list is still under construction, but I do plan to print an artbook (illust collection of the past 2-3 years) + some postcards, and I'm also bringing leftovers of my older books. More detail to come later!

I'm also taking part in the 3rd charity artbook project: :iconrewritten-artbook:. I'm excited because it will be an "Alice in Wonderland" themed book - my favorite theme to draw, ever! :heart:

Thank you all for your continued support, as always! See you soon!
Tagged by dear :iconinma:~ :heart:

-Choose at least 10 artists that inspire you and tell us why (I'll feature 13 because the list is endless!)
-Show at least 5 deviations from those artists that you love (I'll feature 3/artist)
-Tag at least 10 artists (I'll tag 5...)

In no particular order.

:iconsideburn004: - Love her watercolors! *-* And I wish I could draw manly men like she does, hehe...
KnB: Just wait for me by Sideburn004 BLEACH: Attack on Hollows by Sideburn004 Space Dandy by Sideburn004

:icondark134: - Digital AND traditional artwork at its highest quality! Every visit to this artist's gallery pours a month's worth inspiration into me~
Leaning on the everlasting arms by Dark134 Shiva by Dark134 Wings by Dark134

:iconmior3e: - She has a very unique style that I can recognize anywhere. Also love those low-saturated pastel colors so much~ <3
PowerPuff! by mior3e Daria by mior3e Bettlejuice by mior3e

:iconhoooook: - this artist emulates traditional oil painting style so well digitally you can hardly tell the difference! Also, I'm forever in love with his mermaids.
.. by hoooook Mermaid by hoooook Aaa by hoooook

:iconyuchenghong: - fantasy art at its best~
angel Eriselle(regular version) by yuchenghong Atlas by yuchenghong Ernesta by yuchenghong

:iconcushart: - gorgeous ladies, gorgeous dresses, gorgeous colors~
Maid by Cushart Headphone Girl by Cushart Character by Cushart

:iconmasateru: - very cool, effortless painting style! *-*
High school girl 0622 by masateru

Mature Content

woman121121 by masateru
Dragon Woman120327 by masateru

:iconiya-chen: - Iya's composition, colors, characters and backgrounds...everything is simply perfection.
Language of the Birds by iya-chen Where No One Goes by iya-chen Mission by iya-chen

:iconsynpai: - Syn doesn't publish very often...but when she does, the "WOW!!" factor is never far behind. Each of her new artwork feels like a level-up in her already sky-rocketing skills.
<da:thumb id="326843795"/><da:thumb id="307640084"/><da:thumb id="375840253"/>

:iconloputyn: - Loputyn's work reminds me of the type of classic storybook art that would really fit Alice in Wonderland. It's a wonderful mix of innocence and grotesque.
Hush and please listen by Loputyn Cotton Tales Page 3 by Loputyn Non sono ancora morto by Loputyn

:iconchernotrav: - every time I see Chernotrav's work, I feel like picking up watercolors too (but then I back out, haha...). She's undoubt one of the best watercolor artist's I've seen around DA. I'm amazed at her accurate and crisp lines combined with great composition and colors.
Eriyah and Durafein by chernotrav The Circum-Baikal Railway by chernotrav A Fire Inside by chernotrav

:iconinma: - I look up to Inma in so many ways...but the main being her resolve to reach her goals, her endless energy and capability to maintain focus that makes her able to draw almost 24/7 while providing quality work. Her speed and accurate lines have always fascinated me, as well as the poses she draws. <3
Commission for Vaniraa -2- by inma Commission for Miimichi by inma Revenge of the Queen 03 [ENGLISH] by inma

:iconcymphonia: - if I want my fill of sweetness-overload and beautiful, bright candy-like colors, I always check C's gallery~
Wadanohara and the great blue sea by Cymphonia Rough by Cymphonia Miku by Cymphonia

I tag: :iconlarienne::iconkotori-chan::iconelenath::iconchernotrav::iconmior3e: (and anyone else who wants to do it)~ ^^
Just dropping by to say "thank you" for all the kind birthday wishes on the 15th! :hug:
I had a great birthday thanks to you, my family and friends. :blowkiss::cake:

Check out some of the wonderful giftart I got:
Elsa for Lexi by Ero-Pinku Happy birthday to Luleiya by inma Happy birthday lexi by Charln My fallen angel (Happy birthday Luleiya!) by zelka94 :.J u s t.O n e.T a s t e-HAPPY.BIRTHDAY.LULEIYA.: by HokoriCupcake

UPDATE: all books sold out

THE BOOKS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams with relief sklghlsdk*

Finally.........;_________; And it was worth the wait because quality turned out PERFECT. Perfect colors, perfect tones, perfect everything.  I'm so happy omg...TAT♥ ♥ ♥

I'm throwing in some goodies for you all as an apology for the extended delay. ♥ I had bookmarks made which will be included with every book. I'm also sending out the remaining goodies from my store (pocket mirrors, postcards and badges) but I don't have enough for everyone so they'll be included according to the order of buyers (sorry ><; ).

I'm starting to ship out preorders tomorrow and will try to be done in 2-3 days (there are a lot of orders and currentIy I don't have a car at my disposal so I'll have to carry them to the postoffice on foot).

A confirmation email will be sent to EVERYONE once your book is marked as shipped, so please check your email if you want to know the exact date I shipped your book. I'll post an update here as well once all books are on the way. ^^b

Again, thank you all for your kind patience and I hope you'll enjoy the book! *bows* TwT// 

Many of you probably noticed already but yes, I've change my DA username to "luleiya" (same as my tumblr!)

I'm really sorry if this is confusing to many...but I couldn't miss this chance given by the admins. You see, I wanted to have a name change for years (having Kamiya Kaoru's name from Rurouni Kenshin as my username + CHAN in it felt so outdated now...not to mention unoriginal orz) but moving accounts is such a hassle, you can't transfer premium subscriptions either and well, I've obviously grown attached to this account over the years. =w=; It's my first and only account, and I don't want to change that.

The good thing about the name change within the same account in comparison to moving accounts is that all the links anywhere on the internet that still say "kaoru-chan" will be redirected to "luleiya" automatically. So no dead links! If you type "" into your browser, you'll still end up here. And my watchers don't have to remove and re-add me to their watchlist either (in case of a new account).

For those who don't know: account name change is available only to Premium Account users (go to your account settings, it's there).

So all in all...I'm sorry for the confusion but I hope you'll get used to it soon. TwT; Thank you for the support, guys! :blowkiss:

I was honored to be interviewed by the super-talented :iconmeisan:! :heart: The interview mostly focused on my experiences in doujinshi making and sucess at domestic and international conventions. ^^
She even took the time to translate the whole interview to Thai. *-*;;

You can read it here.

Thank you so much, Meisan! It was such an honor! :hug: <333
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