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December 13, 2012
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.: return to wonderland :. by luleiya .: return to wonderland :. by luleiya
:star: TUMBLR LINK :star: (please reblog from here, thank you!)

EDIT2: added one more cosplay~ :D

Gah...I've been working on this on and off since September. I don't think I have ever put this much effort into any of my illustrations before. Especially the background - I hardly have patience for that but I've decided to pull myself together for this occasion. @x@;

I'm so glad it's finally done....'''''''''orz Just before the end of the year! ><b

If you're wondering - yes, this is basically a re-make of my "Sakura in Wonderland" pic from almost 3 years ago. :3
I never get tired of Alice in Wonderland, it's such a fun theme - and using the main cast of Tsubasa and xxxHolic makes it even more fun~ :love:

I've changed some of the roles from last time so here is the full list:

★Alice = Sakura
★Tweedle Dee = Syaoran
★Tweedle Dum = Syaoron
★Mad Hatter = Fai
★March Hare = Yuui
★Cheshire Cat = Kurogane
★The Caterpillar = Yuuko
★Queen of Hearts = Himawari
★Knave of Hearts = Watanuki
★Spade Card = Doumeki
★Dormouse = White Mokona
★The White Rabbit = Black Mokona (err yeah...oh well xD; )

Come to think of it, I've never drawn Himawari, Watanuki or Doumeki in full-color before... Not once in the past 6 years since I'm a TRC/xxxHolic fan! Was about time, lol. xD;;;;

The castle is a 3D object from MangaStudio (thanks, *inma! <3). It's basically the only thing in the entire picture that wasn't hand-drawn by me.

Note about the twins (Yuui & Fai + Syaoron & Syaoran): the cast is Horitsuba-verse!
What is Horitsuba? Read here:…

You can see some w.i.p. close-ups on my Tumblr:….

All characters © CLAMP
Smoke brush by ~PerpetualStudios


Awesome cosplay of this illustration :heart:

Previous version:

Thank you for stopping by! :heart:
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This is a masterpiece!
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Wow this is incredible!
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I can't imagine how long that would take....
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How large is this canvas? u q u
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The original size was 3740 x 9870 pixels.
Yverie Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
oh, wow
that's huge ; w ;
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This is amazing! :clap:
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This was nicely done and awesome..
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why this doesn't have a DD yet?  this is really amazing!
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How long did this actually take you, it is stunningly brilliant?
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